TKA TRANSPORT KOMBI AS D.O.O. (Casă de expediții)

We are a modern freight forwarding company with many years of experience. We provide both national and international logistic services in road freight transport. Firstly we provided only national t...

Krnjevo, Serbia
ID Cargopedia: C8609 (membru din 15 octombrie 2015)
VIA VOSTOK DOO (Client transport)
Čačak, Serbia
ID Cargopedia: C8582 (membru din 15 octombrie 2015)
Becicherecu Mare, Voievodina, Serbia
ID Cargopedia: C8573 (membru din 15 octombrie 2015)
ROYAL SPED (Client transport)
Belgrad, Serbia
ID Cargopedia: C8537 (membru din 15 octombrie 2015)
AUTOPREVOZ HONDA (Transportator)

We are Autoprevoz ''HONDA'' (autotransport ''HONDA'') from Pirot, Serbia. Our company was established in 1986.  For many years we are dealing with international transport, but in recent years the focu...

Districtul Pirot, Serbia
ID Cargopedia: C4396 (membru din 19 martie 2015)
Această funcție necesită un abonament cu plată.