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Cargomass Logistics is a versatile logistics company that excels in courier delivery, freight forwarding, and strategic partnerships with renowned courier companies. Our commitment to efficiency, precision, and sustainability ensures that we not only optimize our own operations but also collaborate with partners to enhance their services. With an extensive global network and cutting-edge technology, we are your go-to partner for seamless cargo transport, propelling your business towards success. At Cargomass Logistics, we take pride in being the dependable logistics partner that empowers businesses to thrive mile by mile and shipment by shipment.

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Activitate principală: (CAEN: 49410 - Transportes rodoviários de mercadorias 51210 - Transportes aéreos de mercadorias 50200 - Transportes marítimos de mercadorias 49420 - Actividades de mudanças, por via rodoviária)

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